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Bald Cypress - 'Taxodium distichum'

Bald Cypress is a very tough deciduous conifer. Its pale green, fern-like foliage changes to orange-brown in fall before shedding. If planted close to water, Bald Cypress roots can arise out of water to form "knees." Bald Cypress is great for wet areas and remains a good urban tree. It is native to the southeastern, south central United States. It is exceptionally wind firm and stands tall in trying weather. Bald Cypress makes an excellent reforestation and timber tree and is known to live for centuries under the right conditions. With this in mind, it is a perfect candidate for reforestation programs such as the USDA Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and programs sponsored by the EPA.
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Common Name: Common Bald Cypress
Popular Varieties: Cascade Falls, Monarch of Illinois, Pendens, Peve Minaret (Peve Yellow), Shawnee Brave
Type: Deciduous Conifer
Family: Taxodiaceae
Sun Requirements: Full Sun
Leaves: Leaves are spirally arranged on the branchlets, 2-ranked on the deciduous shoots. Leaves are bright yellow-green in spring; it darkens in summer to a soft sage green; in autumn it becomes a russet, soft brown to a mellow orangish brown.
Size: 50 to 70' high by 20 to 30' wide, can grow to 100'or more.
Hardiness: Zone 4 to 9. For an idea of your plant zone please visit the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.
Habit: A lofty, deciduous conifer of slender, pyramidal habit, almost columnar in youth, with a stout straight trunk buttressed at the base, it has short, horizontal branches, ascending at the ends. The lateral branchlets are pendulous, sometimes becoming irregular, flat-topped and picturesque in old age.
Rate: Medium, 50 to 70' high in 30 to 50 years.
Flowers: Monoecious, staminate in drooping, 4 to 5" long panicles; March-April; pistillate cones are subglobose, comprising several spirally arranged peltate scales, each bearing 2 erect, basal ovules.
Diseases & Insects: Twig blight, wood decay, cypress moth, spider mites, and a gall forming mite.
Landscape Value: A stately tree, a decided accent of texture and form; in parks or large estates it makes a distinctive specimen; very good for wet areas; possibly a worthwhile highway plant or state tree; have seen used in groupings and groves around lakes and the effect is spectacular; interestingly the knees form in the shallow water at lake's edge and seldom on the other side. The tree is exceptionally wind-firm.
Soil Preference: Very adaptable tree from wet to dry to well-drained soils. Makes its best growth on deep, fine, sandy loams with plenty of moisture in the surface layers and moderately good drainage. In the wild, it occurs primarily in permanent swamps. Soils should be acidic for chlorosis will occur on high pH soils
Care: Make sure they have a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight a day. They need generous watering in late spring when their leaves are first appearing and in late fall when leaves begin to fall. If there is no considerable rainfall for 30 days, make sure you water the young trees. Do not allow lawn grasses to grow beneath trees.
Fertilization: Use slow release fertilizer in late winter and early summer for sandy, nutrient deficient soils.

Planting Instructions: Dig a hole three times the diameter of the root system, with a depth no deeper than the original soil line on trunk. Break up the soil to the finest consistency possible. Place plant in hole and fill, compacting the fill dirt. Water the plant heavily to seal soil around the roots and remove air pockets.

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Interested in purchasing Bald Cypress seedlings?
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We offer Bald Cypress seedlings in 5 1-2' plant packages for $30.00 that include shipping. For further information regarding planting procedure and technique, please visit We ship via Priority Mail from zip-code 37111 and DO NOT ship plants west of the Rocky Mountains.

We do have balled and burlap trees available in wholesale quantities. Please call with the size and quantity that you are interested in, and we will provide you with a quote. Wholesale orders are shipped dependent upon the customer's needs.

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